Vyšehrad Vyšehrad Vyšehrad


Vyšehrad comprises a sprawling, walled fortification dating to the 10th century and containing several interesting historical sights, such as the Romanesque Rotunda of St. Martin, the Gothic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, and the Slavin Cemetery, where the nation’s most famous personages are laid to rest. Ancient legends place the original seat of Czech royalty - the legendary Princess Libuše and the first Přemyslids - on this hill, located south of the city center along the Vltava River. In fact, however, this fort was not founded until Prague Castle was already in existence, since it dates back to the mid-10th century. In the latter half of the 11th and in the 12th century, Vyšehrad used to be the main residence of the Přemyslids, who brought about a considerable amount of construction within its walls. The Rotunda of St. Martin is estimated to have been built in the 11th century. The interior is open only for groups arranged in advance. The road passing the rotunda exits Leopold’s Gate, which was built in the 17th century as part of an effort to strength the fortification walls following the Thirty Years‘ War. The Gothic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul resembles St. Vitus Cathedral in appearance and was built by King Vratislav in the 11th century. It gained its current neo-Gothic appearance in the early 19th century.