Prague Post Muzeum

Prague Post Muzeum Prague Post Muzeum Prague Post Muzeum


The Post muzeum was founded December 18th 1918 the day first Czech stamps were issued. The first ten were given to stamp collectors and 1928 the first exhibition was opened in Karolinum, however, the room was not sufficient to the museum. The museum then moved around Prague until settled at 2, Nove mlyny street, Prague 1. There is a permanent exhibiton of stamps not only from our countries but also rare and interesting philately materials from abroad. There are exhibitons focusing on a single periods of philately varying over time. In the building there is also a study room, library and it is opened everyday except for Mondays. The building itself is a national treasure, a baroque style building from 17th century, with 4 lounges with wall paintigns of Josef Navratil, furnished with 19th century furniture. It is listed as a Prague national tresure UNESCO and it is not wheelchair accessible. For up to date information see: