Bertramka Bertramka Bertramka


Bertramka (Czech: Muzeum W.A. Mozarta a manželů Duškových) is a villa in Prague where Mozart was a frequent guest. Bertramka is now a museum dedicated to the memory of Mozart and to the former owners and Mozart’s hosts: Mr and Mrs Dušek. Bertramka is situated about a mile from the city centre. In the late 18th century it would still have been well outside the walls of the city, beneath the vineyards on the slopes of Černý vrch (Black Hill). Today the villa with its grounds still maintains tranquillity. Mozart visited Prague five times in all: three times for prolonged visits and, in between these, twice on passing through. He first came to Prague in January 1787 for a performance of Le nozze di Figaro . Despite this opera having been a huge success at its first performance in Vienna in April 1786 the Viennese were already tiring of Mozart and turning their attention to other composers such as Antonio Salieri. Figaro was such a success that the opera manager, Pasquale Bondini, commissioned a new opera from him. This was to be Don Giovanni. He returned to Prague with his new opera in the autumn, probably in late September. The exhibition we see today was opened in 1956. It contains memorabilia relating to Mozart’s visit to Bertramka and Prague. There are two keyboard instruments on which Mozart would have played, and even a lock of his hair. Some original wall-paintings have been preserved. There is a bust of the composer in the garden. During the summer months there are regular concerts which are a major attraction. Some of these are given in the garden, weather permitting, or they are in the Sala Terrena which seats an audience of about 70, and overlooks the rear terrace and garden.