Prague Ticket Prices and Ticket Types

If you're in Prague on vacation or you are on a long-term stay here, you will definitely appreciate the possibility of city transport in Prague and in its suburbs. Prague transportation is very inexpensive and yet thanks to the metro and trams, which have their own lines, the fastest way to travel around Prague. Another big advantage is that you can really reach everywhere by public transport. In addition, tickets are also valid in the suburbs of Prague. This ensures comfortable travelling around the surroundings, but also visiting Prague sights.

In Prague, there is a wide range of tickets available. All of them can be bought in the ticket machines or at the newsstands. The basic type of the ticket is a 24,-CZK transfer ticket which is valid for 30 minutes since you mark it at the small yellow machine (situated at all trams, buses or subway stations).There are also available tickets valid for a whole day or for a month, which you can use in Prague, especially during a long stay. You can also buy your ticket via SMS comfortably.

Tickets - single-trip

Nowadays, all the tickets of Prague city transport are transfer. These can be purchased in the Prague subway, at bus stops, at newsagents. You can also buy them directly from the driver, but the price of these tickets will be a little bit higher (the ticket from the driver costs 40, - CZK).

TICKETS Adult Child Junior Student Senior
Basic (90 min.) 32 CZK 16 CZK 32 CZK 32 CZK 16 CZK
Short-term (30 min.) 24 CZK 12 CZK 24 CZK 24 CZK 12 CZK
1 day (24 hrs.) 110 CZK 55 CZK 110 CZK 110 CZK 55 CZK
3 days (72 hrs.) 310 CZK       x 310 CZK 310 CZK       x


If you are planning to stay in Prague for a longer period of time (long-stay), whether due to studies or work, it pays you off to buy the 30 day coupon. There are also the passes with a longer validity so you can buy the full year coupon for example. There is a specially adapted fare for juniors, students and for seniors. For a long-term stay in Prague, our mid-term apartments will be useful to you.

PASSES Adult Child Junior Student Senior
Monthly 550 CZK   x 260 CZK 260 CZK 250 CZK
30-day       x   x      x 260 CZK      x
Quarterly 1 480 CZK   x 720 CZK 720 CZK 660 CZK
90-day       x   x      x 720 CZK      x
5-month 2 450 CZK   x 1 200 CZK 1 200 CZK 1 100 CZK
10-month       x   x 2 400 CZK 2 400 CZK      x
1-year 4 750 CZK   x      x      x

  • Adult - Tickets: 15+ years; Passes: 19+ years
  • Child - 6 - 15 years
  • Junior - 15 - 19 years
  • Student - 19 - 26 years with study confirmation or ISIC card
  • Senior - Tickets: 60 - 70 years; Passes: 60 - 65 years

Transferable passes

Monthly 670 CZK
Quarterly 1 880 CZK

SMS Ticket

If you do not carry cash or if there is no ticket machine around, there is an opportunity to buy a ticket via SMS. Tickets have almost the same validity as the normal ones, the 24,- CZK SMS ticket can be used for 30 minutes since the beginning of the trip. To buy a ticket, just send an SMS “DPT24” to the number 90206. In the suburbs there are some lines which do not accept SMS tickets, but you won’t have to care about it most likely.

SMS Ticket 90 min. 30 min. 24 hrs. 72 hrs.
Price 32 CZK 24 CZK 110 CZK 310 CZK

Number: 902 06


Are you staying at the pet-friendly apartment, travelling along with your pets? Remember that he needs his ticket when travelling in Prague. This special fare is used for transporting pets in the Prague transport, but also for a big luggage. Are you travelling with children and you need to take a baby-carriage into the tram? No problem – there is no need to buy any special ticket, it’s free.

Free transport:

  • Children up to the age 6 years
  • Seniors 70 years and over

Luggage transport

  • Piece of luggage - 16 CZK
  • A dog - 16 CZK
  • Baby carriage - 0 CZK
  • Dog in a carrier - 0 CZK