Public transport passes are great if you’re planning on staying in Prague long term. It is much cheaper to buy a pass and you will never have to worry about marking tickets ever again.

First thing you need to do is to acquire a small red card, called “Opencard”, you can apply for it in Opencard centres around Prague metro stations, the City Hall, or apply for it online and get it delivered to your home.

Each pass is priced differently, based on the period you need it for (the longer, the cheaper) and based on your age, or student status.

The basic monthly pass for adults is CZK 550 and is valid from the moment you purchase it, for 30 days. If you purchase it personally, it will be valid immediately; however, if you purchase it online, you have to validate it before entering the metro, bus, or a tram. For this purpose, there are red “validators” placed at almost every entrance to the metro. Another basic pass is a quarterly (90 days) pass, which costs CZK 1480, then the five month pass at the price of CZK 2450 and finally the one year pass for CZK 4750.

These fares do not apply to children from 6-15 years and seniors from 70 years up, as these age groups only need to apply for their Opencard, which will then serve as the confirmation of their age, for children the card is CZK 120 and for seniors, it is CZK.

There are also reduced fares available for high-school and university students, as well as for seniors between the age of 60 and 70, which are half the regular price so for the monthly pass.

So students only pay CZK 260, for the quarterly pass, they pay CZK 720, for the five month pass, the price is CZK 1200 with the yearly pass not available for a reduced rate.

Seniors pay even less, monthly pass is CZK 250, quarterly pass is CZK 660 and the five month pass is CZK 1100, again the yearly pass is not available at a reduced rate.